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Gigabyte Bandwidth

We offer the bandwidth you need, when you need it.

Internet connectivity to the Data Center is via multiple redundant fiber loops provided by AT&T. Internet speeds available range for .5 Megabit to several Gigabits depending upon your needs. Additional redundancy is provided by a wireless line-of-sight solution that bounces encrypted signals off of RF antennas mounted on cell phone towers to Verizon’s backbone.

A failure of fiber connectivity will result in the automatic failover of all subnets from AT&T’s backbone to Verizon’s backbone.

The design of the Internet failover circuit combined with a natural gas powered generator means land-line independence. We can continue to function if landlines are severed. During Hurricane Irene, in 2011, the Data Center was fully functional on failover equipment for 3.5 days. Upon service restoration systems seamlessly switched back to primary circuits.