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Disaster Management

Think about your business-critical applications? 
What happens if they fail?

For many businesses, critical applications significantly impact revenues, customer satisfaction, and/or market share.

To protect them, you need a structure designed around high availability - a structure designed to account for every component of your infrastructure that may impact these business-critical applications.

Even the best hardware money can possibly buy is useless if your data is not secure. This is why security is for all of us. Our systems are protected by firewall and intrusion detection systems to stop security breaches before they can even reach our servers.

This means your data is safe. In addition, 24/7 monitoring and daily security audits of our systems ensure that our servers stay secure with the latest system updates.

If Your System Fails, Could You Recover?

Disasters do happen.  The question is, when something fails, will it be a temporary inconvenience or a business-shaking crisis?  When a hard drive crashes, can you be back in business in hours? If a natural disaster shuts your network down, can you recover every business critical application that day?

Data loss is one of the most talked about fears in business today. 
Since the information on your computer is practically your lifeline, let us help you take the necessary precautions. Simple steps to avoid data loss for your business can save you time, money and most importantly, the livelihood of your business.

At The Computer Company Inc., the protective measures we “lock-in”, (literally), will put you at ease. For example, backing up your data, especially when upgrading your system, is the first step we take. We also make sure your most critical data files are kept safely off-site, whether at our data center or yours.

The Computer Company prevents natural and man-made disasters from becoming computer and business disasters. How?

  • Disaster Management with Replication
  • Disaster Management with Off-site Back ups
  • Disaster Management using Data Center CT
  • Business Continuity
  • Remote Office Space

We offer a full range of Disaster Management recovery consulting services, practices, and solutions for your business to prevent many events, minimize any damage, and return your system to its full capabilities as soon as possible.  We do Disaster Management right.