The Computer Company offers CMMC compliance solutions businesses. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is a framework consisting of compliance levels that companies who wish to work with the Department of Defense should have. Through the CMMC compliance model, the government and the Department of Defense (DoD) can determine if a business has the proper security required to work with controlled or vulnerable data.

As such, if your organization plans to work with the DoD, it needs to be CMMC rated and follow particular CMMC regulations using their best practices. It is the responsibility of the business looking to do business with the DoD to protect the security, integrity, and privacy of protected information. TCC helps customers do just that.


Who Requires CMMC Certification?

Any organization that’s working with DoD information needs CMMC Certification. If your organization operates with non-classified DoD data, it may require only level 3 compliance or below.

In contrast, if your organization deals with high-value data, it will require level 4 or higher clearance. However, classifications depend on the type of project your business deals with.

Levels of CMMC Certification

There are 5 levels of CMMC Certification (levels 1 to 5). Level 1 is the basic, whereas level 5 is the highest. Companies should already have a level 1 compliance with basic security systems, password protection, and integrated antivirus protection software. It’s the most basic form of security.

In contrast, level 5 has proactive processes to detect and mitigate threats before they even happen. It also includes processes and systems that audit security frameworks, determine gaps, and fixes them.

A level 5 company will comply with Level 4, 3, 2, and Level 1 requirements, and the same goes for the other level companies. Even if a company doesn’t work with the government, it should strive for level 4 compliance.


How to Get CMMC Certified?

Companies cannot self-certify for CMMC Compliance. Government contractors or entities working with the government will have to pass a third-party certification process, where the company’s existing security measures and procedures will be audited, along with identifying the level of maturity and preparedness of these systems.

With the help of a strategic partner like TCC, a company can go through the CMMC compliance and make improvements before going through the third-party audit. CMMC certification is widely recognized and popular, allowing companies to pursue government contracts while dealing with sensitive information.

Let TCC help your business become CMMC compliant.