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TCC offers in-depth penetration testing for organizations of all sizes. Also known as pen testing, this is an attempted breach against a business’ systems to disclose application, web server, or network vulnerabilities. It keeps organizations ahead of attackers by revealing exploitable weaknesses. As a result, it gives you a chance to correct these issues before you lose valuable data and vast amounts of money.

Businesses need to keep in mind not all third-party assessments are created equal. Some involve nothing more than a technician checking off items on a list:

  • Do you have a firewall in place?
  • Do you have an antivirus solution in place?
  • Is there a data backup in place?

While these are certainly all important aspects of a viable cybersecurity posture, checking them off a list is not enough on its own. This is why penetration testing is needed.

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Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Pen testing explores existing weaknesses within an entire system, including existing infrastructures and application configurations. A detailed report shows where the shortcomings are, so you know what software and hardware improvements need to be made to improve overall protection.

Identify & Prioritize Risks
Regular testing allows organizations to evaluate web applications, internal and external network security and helps to prevent potential malicious attacks from happening.

Prevent Hacker Infiltration
By revealing vulnerabilities, organizations can take a proactive approach to evaluating their entire infrastructure. Uncovers gaps gives businesses the chance to properly remediate any issues before an actual intrusion occurs.

Avoid Costly Breaches
The aftermath of a breach can cost businesses upwards of millions of dollars. Scheduled tests are a proactive way to stay on top of your security game and can help prevent the financial fallout of a breach while protecting your brand and reputation.

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How Does Pen Testing Work?

In simple terms, penetration testing employs techniques similar to the ones used by criminal hackers. It’s basically a form of ‘ethical hacking.’ It’s a thought out process that is supposed to make an organization’s systems stronger.

  • Outline: Define the scope of the project.
  • Reconnaissance: Gather all the necessary information needed.
  • Scanning: Use all the information to assess vulnerabilities.
  • Attempt: Utilize results from the scan to exploit the weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Exploitation: Controlled attacks are meant to act on the vulnerabilities.
  • Analysis: A compiled report detailing the vulnerabilities identified in the testing phase.
  • Remediation: The process of eliminating vulnerabilities by applying the right solutions and processes, and training staff members where necessary.
  • Subsequent Tests: At regular intervals, systems undergo additional tests to ensure remediation initiatives were effective, and then determine if other vulnerabilities have developed.

Ethical hackers or penetration testers, like those here on the TCC team, perform the test. We can perform different types of tests depending on your business requirements.

What Do You Get From Penetration Testing?

This type of experimentation isn’t just meant to break into an organization’s systems and show that they’re not protected properly. A robust penetration testing solution will note and track all potential vulnerabilities, and distill that data into a report that can be used to fix them.

After testing is complete, we will prepare a report and meet with you to discuss the findings. Our team helps review the results, makes recommendations, and even assists in facilitating any necessary upgrades.

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Pen testing solutions to help stop online criminals from accessing your systems!