TCC offers comprehensive business continuity planning services for Hartford organizations. A proper data backup and disaster recovery solution (BDR) should be one of the very first items to address. As a SSAE16 Type II certified facility, our systems feature a gigabit backbone that utilizes multiple secured, fiber Internet connections. What does this mean exactly? It means that our state-of-the-art Data Center is able to provide uninterrupted service, ensuring all business files and information are protected and available when needed.

For many businesses, critical applications significantly impact revenue, customer satisfaction, and/or market share. To protect them, a structure designed around high availability is necessary. With our top-of-the-line center, customers consistently cite our hosting reliability, flexibility and responsiveness. Our industry experts strive to give leaders peace of mind and the stability their business requires 24x7x365.

Business Continuity Planning Services Hartford, CT

Comprehensive Data Backup & Recovery

We hear it in the news every day – natural disasters, human errors, hackers and more. TCC provides the necessary resources needed to minimize downtime and get systems up and running quickly in the event of any such issue.

Automated Backups
By utilizing a remote facility, we make sure all critical files & information are adequately safeguarded. Everything can be ready at moment’s notice in the event of a complete outage or total catastrophe.

Stop relying on offsite tape storage. Implement a replicated solution for critical files & applications. This connects in-house physical servers to a hosted recovery platform, providing continuous operation.

Cold & Hot Sites
We have the infrastructure needed to host a real-time copy of critical files, so an immediate restore is possible (hot site), or act as a staging area by keeping necessary files at the ready for manual restoration (cold site).

Data backup & recovery Hartford

Colocation Services for Even More Protection

Outsourcing data center operations is a smart thing to do in today’s competitive business environment. More organizations are realizing the benefits of colocating their mission-critical equipment. Not only does colocation save organization’s thousands of dollars each year, but businesses are no longer bothered with spending time and energy towards ensuring the optimum performance of their equipment. Server colocation gives leaders freedom to concentrate on core business matters and better utilize the resources they would have spent on an in-house set up.

Our facilities offer a reliable, secure, and controlled atmosphere. Everything is continuously monitored by a team of experienced engineers and technicians. TCC’s reliable and secure colocation solutions will grow to fit an organization’s ever-changing needs. We serve clients from coast to coast, using only the highest quality equipment and Internet bandwidth available.

Complete Business Continuity Planning

Data loss is one of the most talked about fears today. While disasters do happen, the question is, will it cause a temporary inconvenience or a business-shaking crisis? When a hard drive crashes, can operations continue within a matter of hours? 
Since most information on any computer is practically a lifeline for most, let us help take the necessary precautions to safeguard it. Our protective measures will help put concerns at ease. TCC prevents natural and man-made failures from becoming emergencies by keeping critical files safely off-site.

  • Automatic & regular backups.
  • Cost-effective replication & monitoring.
  • Off-site storage.
  • Remote office space.
  • Quick response times.

We offer a full range of recovery consulting solutions and practices for businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to prevent issues from happening in the first place. If they do, we act quickly to minimize any damage, and return your system to its full capabilities as soon as possible.

Business Continuity Planning Hartford

Data backup and disaster recovery solutions to keep businesses up and running!