Establishing a vCIO for businesses provides an executive-level solution that assists company leaders in applying advanced technology to achieve business goals. Perhaps your current in-house team does not have the bandwidth, or even the experienced training, to handle the volume of work that is needed on a daily basis.

As an extension of your own team, our vCIO helps to incorporate their knowledge, experience, and IT capabilities into the planning and execution of various day-to-day operations. Their expertise is in developing strategies and coordinating activities to ensure that only high-quality solutions are provided. Get protection against potential attackers, and keep up-to-date with regulatory compliance matters – all at an affordable cost.

Virtual CIO Hartford

Enterprise Level vCTO and vCIO Solutions

Many times, organizations don’t have full-time resources to oversee their entire systems. Our solutions provide ongoing access to a senior executive who can fill the role. Their responsibilities include creating a strategic roadmap for the entire network, regularly communicating with the in-house team, and of course, streamlining overall performance and with the client’s technology.

Tailored Approach
We analyze existing systems and business processes. By learning specifically what is needed, we can ensure the best possible path forward to consider.

Infrastructure Oversight
From cabling and servers to desktops, mobile devices and more, each and every aspect of a digital set up should be taken into consideration. Nothing should be overlooked.

Long-Term Strategy
Your new executive will develop IT blueprints for account budgets, projections, customer and employee needs, as well as long-term goals. This helps with future business growth.

Virtual CIO Solutions

Trusted Virtual CIO Services

After a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s technology, your new consultant chats with the in-house team to outline business goals. Improving productivity while utilizing a technology budget more wisely is typically the end goal for all. Some initiatives our team assists with include:

Cutting and shifting costs: We find innovative ways to cut costs for redundant or inefficient technology, while also finding ways to keep each organization from having to spend on huge upfront costs that can paralyze any annual budget.

Increasing productivity: Our dedicated specialists find productive solutions to the most pressing problems. We’ll get to know the ins and outs of the operations, and how to make it more productive and efficient.

Communication: These solutions are designed to help us meet your needs. Our dedicated consultants listen to requirements and provide sound and logic-based decisions to even the most stressful problems.

CTO & vCIO Advisory to Elevate Business Operations

Opting for CIO advisory benefits eases the complexities of digital adoption. We strive to set up customers for long-term success. Every organization needs a high-quality leader to handle business. However, finding the right person to achieve this isn’t always easy. By providing customized, executive-level solutions, leaders can optimize business growth at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

We act as an immediate extension of the team. From facilitating project development and implementation, to integration and deployment, our technicians oversee everything. Not only that, but we also have access to on-demand resources and connections, which help establish a completely future-ready IT environment.


Transform your business operations with a Virtual CIO!