A vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) works to improve an organization’s data, people, and infrastructure. It’s the responsibility of the vCISO to develop a top-tier cybersecurity program. As an extension of your own team, our vCSIO helps to incorporate their knowledge, experience, and IT capabilities into the planning and execution of various day-to-day security operations.

We work with our client’s existing technical teams and management to proactively work to identify and eliminate security problems. Additionally, our vCISO reports all this information to the organization’s executive team, board, regulators, and auditors. Outsourcing this role provides a cost-effective, executive-level solution that assists company leaders in applying advanced security and technology to achieve business objectives.

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Enterprise Level vCISO Solutions

With the rise in data breaches and complex cyberattacks, sensitive information is at stake. Organizations that want to safeguard their systems require a CISO to develop an extensive set of controls and technologies. As such, our vCISO solution fills the role adequately without an organization going through the hiring process. A vCISO is more experienced and has worked with multiple industries (small to large businesses), offering your organization better expertise and results. Plus, they can work from virtually anywhere without extraordinary fees.

Expert Knowledge
Our clients have access to an expert with deep knowledge of compliance, network, and security – both in overall strategy and hands-on approach to implementation. Benefit from the knowledge our vCISO has gained in their work with a diverse range of industries in multiple environments.

Flexibile and Adaptive
Our vCISO solutions give an organization a fill-in based on where and when they need it most. A highly experienced vCISO can change to fit your organization’s environment, rather than trying to force it into a fixed template.

Efficient & Cost-Effective
A vCISO can help create efficiencies across the enterprise. They can help minimize IT burdens, develop effective employee training and awareness programs, and much more – all at a more affordable rate than an in-house, full-time CISO.

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Where are vCISO’s utilized?

Here are just a few practical examples of where a vCISO works best instead of a full-time CISO:

  • Designing and creating a mature cybersecurity program for a small business. A full-time CISO can be quite costly for small businesses and startups. We provide part-time, unbeatable solutions to develop a security program that the organization itself wouldn’t be able to develop.
  • Bridging the gap and hiring a new, capable full-time CISO. Perhaps you can afford a full-time CISO, but your current one has resigned or just isn’t working out. Your current security initiatives may require assistance from a professional, but hiring isn’t an easy feat. Having a part-time, seasoned vCISO can review the existing security strategy and make improvements while helping you recruit, narrow down, and transition to a full-time CISO.
  • Developing a compliance program. Businesses with or without a CISO may not be experienced enough on a particular compliance mandate the way it’s used to create policies and processes to guard already protected information. Our team specializes in specific compliance mandates and can help create a strategy and execution plan that fits any criteria.

Enhance Business Operations with a vCISO

Opting for vCISO advisory benefits eases the complexities of digital adoption. We strive to set up customers for long-term success. Every organization needs a high-quality leader to handle business. However, finding the right person to achieve this isn’t always easy. By providing customized, executive-level solutions, leaders can optimize business growth at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

We act as an immediate extension of the team. From facilitating project development and implementation, to integration and deployment, our technicians oversee everything. Not only that, but we also have access to on-demand resources and connections, which help establish a completely future-ready IT environment.


Transform your business operations with a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer!