We can’t deny the benefits that the internet has provided us. However, with great power comes greater responsibilities. As we now know, the internet isn’t a completely safe space and is prone to spammy and unfiltered content.

However, the good thing is that every problem has a solution. Barracuda has created web filtering and spam protection software that enables any business the ability to manage work emails free of spam content and surf through the internet while preventing unauthorized online activity and external threats.

Filtering & Spam

Barracuda’s Protection Benefits

Organizations are suffering from breaches, and ever-increasing ransomware attacks are contributing to the risks. With the drive for digital transformation and remote work, the need to evaluate current security architectures was amplified. New Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technologies are now available to connect to cloud workloads and improve security.

Email Protection
The most comprehensive protection for any email threat type. From spam and ransomware to socially engineered threats such as spear phishing, business email compromise and account takeover.

App & Cloud Security
Protect applications against today’s multiplying threats. Whether apps are deployed on-premise, online, or hybrid, Barracuda makes it easy to keep them secure and available.

Data Protection
Get your systems restored and running quickly from physical appliances, virtual servers, offsite locations, or in the digital space. Protect critical information from ransomware attacks and data loss.

Filtering & Spam

Advantages of Web Filtering

Web filtering is a method that restricts, blocks, and monitors access to unsafe or inappropriate web content on a device. These content filters are available in software or hardware, or as a part of a firewall. Content filtering enforces the company’s policies when using the network — for example, blocking social media sites for use during working hours. Benefits include:

  • Reduced malware infections
  • Reduced phishing, viruses, and hacking threats
  • Protection from inappropriate content
  • Prevention of unauthorized online activity and reduction in internal threats
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Enhances bandwidth efficiency
  • Resolves outages

Barracuda offers all these benefits of spam protection and web filtering services, along with many more. They are a must-have for an organization’s security and efficiency.

Advanced Spam Protection

Spam protection detects and prevents unwanted viruses, including emails, from entering your inbox. Spam filters run each email against thousands of predefined algorithms. Each algorithm has a numerical score that defines the chances of an email being spam. When it crosses this threshold, the email is tagged as spam and blocked from entering the inbox. The different types of spam filters include content filters, header filters, rule-based filters and blocklist filters. There are various benefits of spam protection:

  • Only pass the most legitimate emails to the user’s inbox
  • Prevents malicious content, compromised website links, and phishing attacks
  • Saves bandwidth
  • Audits and archives emails without direct user intervention
  • Provides access control to take actions against the sender or receiver
  • Prevents data leakage

A business email system without spam protection becomes highly vulnerable to potential risks, phishing attacks, and viruses.

Filtering & Spam

Comprehensive web and spam filtering to keep businesses protected!